Bombardier Q400 OE-LGL, YL-BAF, SP-EQE Chopin 4. 12. 2019

SP-EQE Eurolot PLL LOT Podkarpackie Travel, OE-LGL Austrian and YL-BAF Air Baltic at Chopin in the morning of 4. 12. 2019. Note that SP-EQE and YL-BAF seem to be accompanied by some UFO flying craft due to light reflections in the window gallery of the Chopin Airport terminal. Two more photos show Eurolot PLL LOT Q400s on their take-off and landing.

hardly visible zooming plane early morning

fujifilm finepix s poor lighting photography

airliner spotting chopin december 2019

not an ufo sighting but light reflection

bombardier q400 ufo shaped lights

przemysl, aircraft and clouds

przemysl, samoloty i chmury

mgła na lotnisku airport fog

fotografia lotnictwo historia