Farewell to Warsaw, welcome to Rzeszow... Flight L03801 Embraer 170 PLL LOT SP-LDF 4. 12. 2019

A sequence of photos taken from seat 13A on the take-off of E 170 SP-LDF as well as during her journey from the capital city of Poland (Chopin Airport, or Warsaw-Okecie) to Rzeszow-Jasionka. You can see the various degrees of landing flaps extension on her departure (not too much) and before touching-down (high degree). Also note the working of spoilers and what seems to be a large, elongated hole in the wing upon landing. When the jet was getting closer to Rzeszow a narrow, colourful stripe appeared on the horizon above the ground and below the clouds. The sight was similar to what has been shown in gallery Delightful Sunrise Flight L03804 Rzeszow-Jasionka Chopin Warszawa-Okecie 4. 12. 2019 PLL LOT Embraer 170 SP-LDF. (The return flight was onboard the same plane).

(Interceptor, przerywacz, spoiler, also spelled spojler, are Polish expressions for wing spoiler. Note that the Polish language utilizes a lot of borrowings from English; the pronunciation can be very similar or completely different).

warszawa rzeszow travel

spldf epwa eprz flight lo3801

embraer 170 wing modelling details

do widzenia warszawo witamy w rzeszowie

poland europe cloud polska europa chmura

jet aircraft wing spoiler (lift dumper, lift spoiler)

lot polish airlines b 737 seen from e 170 sp-ldf

boeing b 737 and embraer 170 air-to-air photograph

fotografia chmur z lotu ptaka in-flight cloud photography

kolorowy pas horyzontu pod chmurami widziany z samolotu