Crimson Horizon over Rzeszow, Warsaw Christmas Flight L03804 E 170 PLL LOT SP-LDF 4. 12. 2019

The gallery shows what you can see from a plane leaving Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport early morning or at night in winter months. This time it was a spectacular crimson band on the horizon separating the ground from the above dark cloud layer (3 photos). Other photographs were taken close to Warsaw (including Christmas decorations and the dazzling stroboscope light) and at the Chopin Airport (landing approach, colourful airport lights, Lufthansa A320 D-AINQ with her glowing crane logo, the very SP-LDF as well as Polish Air Force Casa C-295 number 023). More photographs showing the dawn are shown in gallery Delightful Sunrise Flight L03804 Rzeszow-Jasionka Chopin Warszawa-Okecie 4. 12. 2019 PLL LOT Embraer 170 SP-LDF.

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