Delightful Sunrise Flight L03804 Rzeszow-Jasionka Chopin Warszawa-Okecie 4. 12. 2019 PLL LOT Embraer 170 SP-LDF

A splendid array of blue, orange, yellow, red and violet seen from SP-LDF, LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 170 early morning 4. 12. 2019. I photographed the sunrise from seat 13D; flight L03804 (from Rzeszow to Warsaw). Soon after the departure only a narrow crimson band of the horizon was visible with the black ground below and navy-blue clouds above. Later, more bright sky colours appeared with irregular tufts and thin stripes of clouds. It requires a lot of patience to catch the flash of the stroboscope light revealing the airline logo in the dark; no camera flashlight was employed. See also gallery Crimson horizon over Rzeszow, Warsaw Christmas, Flight L03804 E 170 PLL LOT SP-LDF 4. 12. 2019.

pll lot e 170 winglet logo

in-flight photographed daybreak

poland winter dawn skywatching

farewell to rzeszow welcome to warsaw

jet plane stroboscope light rain and snow

kolory na niebie, ziemia z lotu ptaka i chmury

spldf lot polish airlines crane logo e 170 sp-ldf

colourful horizon jet kolorowy horyzont odrzutowiec

delightful sunrise rzeszow warsaw december 2019 poland

rze eprz rzeszow jasionka waw epwa chopin warszawa okecie