PLL LOT Bombardier Q400 SP-EQC Flight L03804 RZE WAW 10. 01. 2020

Photography translates into light. That is why, while mentioning special effects, I usually mean taking photographs with no, or very little, natural light. Such photography is rather difficult and it requires a lot of patience. Photos in this gallery show the departure of one of LOT Polish Airlines Q400s, SP-EQC, from Rzeszów-Jasionka and her arrival to the Warsaw Chopin Airport (Warszawa-Okęcie).

flying is beautiful
rzeszow jasionka airport lights
dhc 8 bombardier q400 poland
q400 propeller night photography
sp-eqc pll lot starboard green light
q400 undercarriage down night photo
aircraft lights night flight rzeszow warsaw
speqc q400 chopin night arrival 10. 01. 2020
bombardier q400 aircraft special effects photography