Lufthansa Airbus A320 Neo D-AINA Wet Tarmac Reflection Chopin 10. 01. 2020

I photographed this Lufthansa jet in Warsaw early morning 10. 01. 2020. One could argue, that the parallel lines in the lower parts of two photos are painted on the tarmac. However, comparing them one can clearly see, that they are reflections of some lighting behind the camera. (Note that the subdued yellow, perpendicular line is real). These lines have sharp edges. On the other hand, the bright area on the nose of the Airbus has an even lower edge, while the top is diffuse. It is easy to notice, that the area is the reflection of some other kind of lighting.

airbus a320 neo d-aina
lufthansa daina chopin airport
front view a320 neo lufthansa jet
epwa warsaw poland 10. 01. 2020
wet tarmac jet reflection aircraft special effects photos