SP-LUA B 737 Blue Air PLL LOT Flight L03801 WAW RZE Aircraft Shadow 17. 01. 2020

Some wing details of the Boeing 737 SP-LUA and the shadow of the jet on clouds during Flight L03801 from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Rzeszow-Jasionka 17. 01. 2020.

boeing 737 blue air logo
epwa eprz lo3801 b 737 splua
warszawa rzeszow flight l03801
black arrows splua boeing b 737 wing
b 737 no step wing details sp-lua blue air
17. 01. 2020 chopin departure sp-lua b 737
chopin airport flight operations january 2020
jet shadow clouds b 737 cien samolotu chmury
boeing 737 sp-lua winglet rivet modelling details
rzeszow jasionka rze eprz b 737 arrival 17. 01. 2020