Polish Air Force Hansa-Brandenburg C.I 27.76 Przemysl-Hureczko 1919

Before this spectacular nose over in Hureczko, the aircraft was used by Flik 30 in 1917 (Maramaros-Sziget airfield, Hungary). 2 June 1917 the biplane was engaged in an aerial fight with 2 Russian Nieuport fighters in the area Zaleszczyki – Sniatyń – Kosów. The pilot was Ferdinand Takacs while the observer was Julius Festraets van Tienen. The Hansa-Brandenburg again took part in a combat, this time with a Russian two-seater, in the Czernowitz area (Bukowina). The crew were Alois Schovanec and Emmerich Angerer. The information is from Luftsiege der k. u. k. Luftfahrtruppen Russische Front 1917-1918 (Karl Meindl OFH Publications, Vienna, Austria, Sonderheft 29).

The biplane was seized by the Poles in Lwów in November 1918, while the photograph was taken in spring 1919 at the Przemyśl-Hureczko airfield. The aircraft was used by either 6. Eskadra Wywiadowcza (6 Reconnaissance Flight) or 7. Eskadra Myśliwska (7 Fighter Flight). Note that English sources dealing with Polish military aviation often use the word Squadron instead of Eskadra. The Polish Air Force national insignia is in its very early form, that is it has no counter changed borders. The plane is being pulled down by using ropes after a harmless nose over in the boggy terrain. Such a feature of the most important airfield in Przemyśl is confirmed by 1919 reports for 59. Eskadra (later 17. Eskadra) belonging to Gen. Józef Haller Army (also called The Blue Army).

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