Haute Couture Woman in a Villa in Przemyśl, Smolki Street 1912 Vintage Jewellery

A high-fashion woman, inside her room with a bouquet of roses, displays a pearl necklace and bracelet charm. She is, or pretends to be, very thoughtful about the contents of her book. The other photo shows the same lady looking daringly at her photographer; both were taken around 1912 in a villa on Smolki Street in Przemyśl. The city was an Austria-Hungary fortress at that time.

vintage wooden furniture old villa
przemyśl history fashionable woman
nostalgic photographs private collection

zabytkowe meble drewniane
cywilna moda damska w twierdzy przemyśl korale bransoletka
przemyska willa na ulicy smolki przed pierwszą wojną światową