Grodzka Street Old House and Archcathedral Belfry Przemyśl 1933

A no-longer existing building in Grodzka Street in Przemyśl photographed probably in 1933. The flag, which is flying from the Archcathedral belfry cross, appears to commemorate the Battle of Vienna in 1683. The battle is also referred to as the Relief of Vienna. If you visit this place, you can still see the belfry and the tenement house seen on the left.

old tower clock przemysl
pre-war przemysl vintage architecture
making history alive - photo comparison
przemysl archcathedral belfry sculptures

flaga na krzyżu dzwonnicy
archikatedra rzeźby przemyśl
rocznica bitwy wiedeńskiej 1683-1933
detale architektury przedwojennego przemyśla

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