Szczęśliwe przymusowe lądowanie PZL-50 Lucky Emergency Landing

Szczęśliwe przymusowe lądowanie prototypu samolotu PZL-50 Jastrząb. Werchrata, gmina Horyniec-Zdrój, powiat Lubaczów, 6 września 1939 r. ISBN 978-83-921502-6-0 softback brochure 32 pp.

Published in Februry 2022, this brochure briefly discusses the discovery of the landing site of the Polish fighter prototype PZL-50 Jastrząb (Hawk). This particular aircraft was the first prototype, PZL-50/I, the only one that was ever flown. The perfectly performed emergency landing took place 6 September 1939 near Werchrata (Lubaczów vicinity, Poland). The lucky aviator was Jerzy Widawski, a most experienced test pilot working for Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze w Warszawie (Polish Aviation State Works, Warsaw). The brochure mainly focuses on extensive flush riveting of the aircraft skin. This type of rivet joints was a novelty in Poland before WWII and, indeed, very advanced technology elsewhere in the world if compared to traditional rivets with protruding heads. The gallery shows the front cover and pp. 8-11, 18-21, 28-31. Details include flush riveting of a skin panel which was made into a vegetable grater by a local farmer (pp. 28-29). Also shown are aileron fragments (p. 31; PZL-50 was overall natural metal, with these control surfaces painted khaki). An excellent source of information on countersunk rivets is Technological Knowledge without Science: the Innovation of Flush Riveting in American Airplanes ca. 1930 – ca. 1950, Walter G. Vincenti, Technology and Culture Vol. 25, No. 3 July 1984, The Johns Hopkins University, The Society for the History of Technology. A brochure on this subject is being prepared in the English language. More in galleries dealing with an engine part and rivets.

Broszura omawia wstępnie detale konstrukcji pierwszego prototypu samolotu PZL-50 Jastrząb, szczególnie nity z łbami wpuszczanymi (bardzo zaawansowane przed II Wojną Światową nitowanie na gładko) i stemple kontroli jakości PZL.

More to come:
White and red chequerboard – the Polish national insignia on the PZL-50/I prototype fighter.

W przygotowaniu:
Szachownica na prototypie myśliwca PZL-50/I.

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